Thursday, January 31, 2013

An Homage to Liz Lemon

You guys. Can I nerd-out for a little bit? Tonight is the series finale of 30 Rock. The SERIES FINALE. I really can't believe it's here. Chris and I love 30 Rock. I've actually been really disappointed in the way they've been wrapping up things lately. Why aren't they finishing the dang show with a full season?! I just don't understand, and it makes me really sad. But then I watch this video to cheer myself up:

Video no longer available.

In my dreams I would be throwing a 30 Rock series finale party tonight, complete with cheese puffs and meatball subs with extra bread. There would be pizza for everyone to shotgun, delicious drinks, and mozzarella sticks if you already had a drink. I would invite all my friends to this Liz Lemon party, and they would all come, because there ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party 'cause a Liz Lemon party is mandatory.

But this is real life, and I don't throw parties on Thursday nights anymore (or ever, really.) Instead, I thought I would put together a little homage to Liz Lemon here on Gathered Heart. I hope you love her as much as I do... otherwise, all the 30 Rock/Liz Lemon quotes I have woven into this post will be pointless. Nerds!

1. I've been in love with Liz's simple pendant necklace since the first season, but never knew exactly what it was. After some googling, I found that Liz wears two Helena Ficora "L" alphabet charms. Find similar (and more budget friendly) ones on Etsy. 2. A classic Liz Lemon plaid shirt: throw a navy or gray cardigan over this baby and you're set. 3. These Finn glasses from Warby Parker should probably be renamed to Liz. Just saying. 4. A traveler's guide to Cleveland, Ohio, so you too can leave to the Cleve. 5. Etsy shop Paper Chat has a ton of 30 Rock-inspired typographic artwork, including this awesome What the What print. 6. Because everyone needs a Suck it Nerds fabric banner. 7. I'm pretty sure Liz would love a Zingerman's cheese of the month club membership. To work on her night cheese, of course. 8. Liz and I share a mutual love of cheese puffs... although I don't thik I could knowingly eat anything flavored with bull semen. I'll take this awesome Sabor De Soledad iPhone case instead.

Will you be watching 30 Rock this evening? Chris and I will be parked on the couch in our pjs, probably sharing a pint of Ben and Jerry's (who are, by the way, announcing a 30 Rock flavor tonight. Fantastic.) If by any chance you've never seen an episode of 30 Rock, all the other seasons are on Netflix. I suggest a marathon.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meghan Howland

How beautiful are these paintings by Meghan Howland? I haven't been able to stop thinking about that top one since I spotted it on Pinterest last week. The rhythm, the painterly brush strokes, the color, the magical yet slightly terrifying thought of a dozen birds flying around someone's face. It's all so captivating.

via Two Two Oh Four

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Mister!

Happy Birthday to my husband, my best friend, my baby daddy. I love you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh Baby!

As some of you may already know, Christopher and I had our official mid-pregnancy ultrasound last Friday morning. This sweet baby of ours is a healthy, kicking little girl!

I honestly thought we were having a boy (although deep down I did have my suspicions.) Christopher and I both grew up in happy homes with big brothers and were hoping our family dynamic would be the same, but it looks like things will be a little different for us! More than anything, we're happy this little one has all her fingers and toes, a perfect beating heart, tiny little bones. I was on edge for a good chunk of the ultrasound with that irrational motherly "what if..." fear, so I was so thrilled when our tech told us everything looked good. Then we went out and bought an insane amount of pink.

After 23 weeks, I think I'm finally beginning to feel pregnant. My belly is becoming rounder and I've been feeling little flutters for about a month now. Last Wednesday, I felt baby girl's first official kick. It was so strong that I jumped out of shock! And then of course, I cried. I'm so emotional these days anything makes me cry... sappy commercials, a text from Chris, the Story Corps segment on NPR. Oh baby, indeed.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In the Making

If you've been reading Gathered Heart for long, you probably know how much Christopher and I love IKEA (our newest obsession is their kid's line, of course.) This afternoon, I ran across something that made me fall in love with that sweet, sweet Swedish megastore even more: an entire YouTube series called In the Making, a how-to-build video guide for some of their most popular (or perhaps most confusing) products.

These how-to videos combine IKEA's classic step-by-step illustrated instructions with clips of people assembling the actual product. Need help putting together your new couch or hanging that fancy curtain track? Prop up your phone or iPad and follow along with happy little yellow-shirted IKEA assembly people as you work. Bonus points for the quirky soundtrack and little pop-up tips.

I have to admit, I'm a little obsessed. See more In the Making videos here

Monday, January 14, 2013

Baking with Friends

Over the weekend, I made my way to Chicago to spend the day with some of my favorites, Abby and Kate (plus a new friend, Catherine.) Instead of going out for brunch or spending the day at a craft fair like we have in the past, this time we decided to take it easy and spent the day in Abby's apartment, baking. It was the most relaxing time ever.

Of course, I forgot to bring my camera so I only have instagrams to share, but you should definitely check out Kate's beautiful shots of Abby's home.

Between easy conversation and sips of sparkling juice, we made mini cheesecakes, an incredibly tangy lemon tart, and buttery, tender scones (Abby shared the recipes here.) Kate made delicious slow-drip coffee to share and we tried our best to soak up all of Abby's baking knowledge. It was such a great afternoon that we decided to make it a quarterly event - I look forward to getting together in the spring!

(P.S. Remember the Terrain whisk I shared awhile back? Abby had it! It was beautiful.)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Delectable Doughnuts

For the past couple of weeks, I have had a major craving for doughnuts. Now, that's not really out of the ordinary for me, I'll admit... but now that I'm pregnant, I definitely took advantage of the situation. I haven't had any crazy pregnancy cravings hit me just yet, like pickles and ice cream, but once I crave a particular thing, I can't get it out of my head.

So bright and early Saturday morning, I pulled Chris out of bed to run a few errands and pick up some doughnuts. We bought a dozen assorted to share with his family. I ended up eating ooooh... half of that dozen? Not in one setting, but eating seven doughnuts over the course of a weekend is not exactly recommended in the pregnancy books.

Just in case that craving hits again, I thought I would look up a few recipes for homemade baked doughnuts. There are surprisingly quite a few recipes out there, and the only special tool you need is a doughnut pan (also available in mini and heart-shaped!)

Although I'm sure these treats still ring in around 150-200 calories each, they're probably a much better alternative than their fried siblings. Good for new years resolutions, good for pregnant ladies. You are very welcome.

Friday, January 4, 2013


 Woodburning by Becky Murphy of Chipper Things 

So this is the new year. And for the past week, I have sat thinking about what my resolutions would be, what words I would write for my first post of 2013. But, for whatever reason, I lacked inspiration; the thoughts and words and resolutions never came.

Of course, there's a whole slew of things I'd like to do in 2013: work on being a better wife, bake more, sew my own clothing, learn to knit, master the manual settings on my camera, eat something green every day, branch out as a designer and artist, become more gracious, write more letters to loved ones. My life is filled with perpetual lists, things I would like to be better at, goals that have yet to be completed.

Honestly? The thought of 2013 scares me quite a bit more than I care to admit. It's shaping up to be a pretty big year for Christopher and myself, with lots of changes on the horizon. We're hoping to buy a house. We're going to be parents. PARENTS!

So this year, I've decided not to resolve to do anything. I'm just going to keep going. My heart is full of so much love, gratitude, growth: 2012 was a wonderful year. I know this year will be even better, as different as things may turn out to be. Here's to 2013!

P.S. Thank you all for your sweet comments, texts and emails about Baby Ross. We really are absolutely thrilled, and I'm excited to share my journey to motherhood. I promise GH won't become a baby blog by any means, but I'll probably be sharing a lot more kid-related things, because a very large chunk of my heart now belongs to a very little person.