Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year's End

I began writing this post on New Year's Eve, fully intending to have it finished before 2014. But then my baby woke up early from her nap with a 102 degree fever. The post has sat open on my computer, half-finished until now, so I've adjusted the time stamp and I'd still like to share it as a farewell to 2013. 

Even though I haven't blogged in over a quarter of a year (something that started out accidentally and eventually became intentional) I thought I would write one last post to commemorate 2013. What a year.

Honestly, I have typed, deleted, and re-typed this post countless times. My words continue to fall flat. How to I begin to express all that this year has held? I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We bought our first home. Our hearts have filled with the joy of new life, the stress and excitement of new beginnings, the pain and grief of loss. I'm honestly a little overwhelmed thinking about it all. Even still, I feel like these words do 2013 no justice. I may not be able to express all that 2013 held, but the memories I made this year will live forever in my heart. It was not an easy year, but it sure was a good one.

And now, I turn my thoughts towards the new year and all the promise that it holds. Unlike last year, I've come up with a few resolutions (starting to blog again happens to be one of them!) for 2014, which I'll share a little later. I'm welcoming the proverbial new beginnings that January 1 brings. A chance for self-improvement, for reinvention, for growth.