Friday, April 1, 2011

Wish List: Ikea

Happy Friday! Christopher and I are both cutting out of work a little early today to journey to the mecca of clean-line design and Swedish meatballs: Ikea!! We plan on spending a bit of our tax return on some much needed items for our newlywed nest (and hopefully a few just-for-fun things, too!)

Clockwise from left: 1. We never have enough seating at our house, so we're picking up a Karlstad Loveseat that matches our sectional couch.  2. I'm obsessed with eyelet detailing, like in this Skurar plant pot.  3. Helllllo blue enamel Sockerart pitcher. I must have you.  4. I'm still trying to convince Chris that I need a new desk, and this build-your-own Vika option would be practical and perfect. 5. We already have one of these Stockholm Blad cushions, but I'd like to pick up two more. I love that linear floral pattern.  6. Right after our honeymoon we picked up two Hemnes dressers, but they didn't have the coordinating bed in stock. We're hoping they will this time.  7. Even if I don't get my desk, Chris has already promised we can pick up a new chair, which beats pulling one from our dining room table any day. 

Are you a fan of Ikea? I know some people hate it because their pieces are so obviously Ikea-ish, but I think Ikea is great. The company does a wonderful job at providing people with simple, modern designs at incredible prices. And why wouldn't you love that? Mhmm.

And of course, you can't go to Ikea without thinking of this adorable scene:

That's because it is delicious!  Oh I love that movie. And Zooey Deschanel.

Happy weekend!


Kate said...

I have those pillows and lurrrrve them. I want to get more too!

Katherine Ross said...

yes yes! we ended up buying 2 more :)

Sarah Grace said...

You WOULD buy the same bed as us :) It's been on our Ikea wish list since the summer. It will be purchased post honeymoon :) Great minds think alike.