Monday, May 2, 2011

gathered: chart smart

Friends, let me tell you a little something. I am obsessed with charts. Something about the visual/verbal combination really gets me going. Maybe they make me nostalgic for elementary Science and US History class, or they remind me of teen magazine quizzes. Who knows. I just think they're great, which is why I decided to do a little Gathered round up on some of the educational and equally beautiful charts of the internet.
I'll start off today's gathered with The Perfect Pour coffee guide from Plaid Creative, which actually inspired this post. A combination of my two loves, coffee and bold, minimalistic design. And how great does an Eiskaffee sound?

This Les petites douceurs print from French-Canadian illustrator Eva Juliet is so sweet. I love the soft, watercolor pastels and calligraphed descriptions... it would be great hanging in a cute little bakery or even a little girl's room. 

Cats of the World print by illustrator Gemma Correll available at L'affiche Moderne: linguistically educational and freaking cute. 

I'll probably be asking for the Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools poster from Pop Chart Lab for my birthday, if I don't get it before then. The simple, midcentury modern feel would look good framed in almost any kitchen. Pop Chart Lab has a ton of awesome posters -- chart is their middle name, after all.

This fun Outlaws of the Wild West print from 1Canoe2 is letterpressed. Yes please.

There are so many vintage charts available on Etsy. I love this 1930s star-mapping one from sandmarg.

Similar to vintage charts, Etsy also offers a ton of creative alphabet posters. I really love this Animal Alphabet poster from Decoylab. It's cute for a nursery but cool enough to last through adolescence. I know I'd hang it in my house. 

Being half Australian, I'm partial to this oh-so-educational Bird Eggs of Australia chart from Cake With Giants. I love the scripty font and soft, speckled colors. And now I know what a Chiming Wedgebill egg looks like.

If you're not feeling overwhelmed and over-educated yet, here are few more chart links for your clicking desires:
   --Pork Meat Market Cuts from YeeHaw
   --Super cute Save the Date Flow Chart
   --Lucile has an entire shop full of cute, illustrated charts!
   --This Kitchen Conversions chart would be handy next to the stove
   --The blue and brown combo of this Mushroom Print is wonderful
   --I love Bold & Noble's "Around Britain" series, especially this leaf print
   --Lovely watercolor Seaweed Botanical print from Studio Tuesday
   --And to finish things up, old school Smokey the Bear nature posters via Unruly Things

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The Art of Michelle said...

What a great post! I especially loooove the bird eggs of Australia. <3