Monday, June 6, 2011

Christopher Scott

GE Vintage Electric Fan by Christopher Scott

No... this isn't a recent garage sale find (I wish!) It's a painting. Yes, a painting, by contemporary photorealist Christopher Scott. His work was featured last week over on D*S and the moment I saw it I fell in love. Basically, he has painted every vintage item I would like to own. His limited, faded color palette and subject matter are the stuffs of my dreams.

After graduating college, Scott worked as a photographer in his college's art department before deciding to shut out the modern (digital photography) and embrace the old (oil painting.) You can definitely see his photographer's background in his painting style.

My favorite -- Baggage II

His pieces have a great blend of modern, clean lines and old, dusty or tarnished subjects. I love the limited palette and his use of creams, browns, and teals. The paintings have a certain personality and the items tell a story. I want one. And go figure -- his work has been purchased by J.Crew and Anthropologie. You can view more of Scott's paintings on his website right here, or read up on his work and artist's process at his blog.


Kate said...

AHH! I love those books! Those would look so cool up on a shelf in our room.

Caroline said...

I love the mix of sleek modern and rustic. Its PERF!

reub-envision said...

I am a fan of that fan
& those travel trunks r dying to be put in my car trunk n taken somewhere exciting

Katherine Ross said...

I love the suitcases too!