Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Let me tell you a little story about my phone. Currently, she lives in a thick, black Speck case that does nothing for her sleek silver figure. It's very utilitarian (read: ugly.) I can't complain because it was a freebie, but I've been wanting a cute and sturdy case from day two. Enter Uncommon, a company that allows you to pick your case body, upload an image, and they'll print the design directly on the case for you in scratch resistant ink. Genius.

I love the fact you can create your own case, but I typically have a hard time designing for myself. Fortunately, Uncommon also has a great artist series. My personal favorites are the Hare design and all of the Jill Bliss covers.

Then I found these beauties on Katie Daisy's Flickr........ 

I want them all. I can't get enough of Katie Daisy's work -- the colors, the details, the emotion. From what I can tell these are just prototypes, but I hope she decides to illustrate a few cases for Uncommon. I'd definitely buy one... probably one of the bottom two designs, perhaps the blue one. Please and thank you.


Abby said...

we just got some new cases in from Cath Kidson and they remind me of Katie's

this one makes me swooon a little bit! http://www.cathkidston.co.uk/p-15565-cath-kidston-spray-flowers-iphone-4-case.aspx

also i'm gonna start putting what the captcha makes me write at the end of your comments cuz they're always funny.


lizzie said...

what an EXCELLENT find. i love these.

Liz said...

I love those phone cases! Also, I'm sending your friendship bracelet tomorrow!


Katherine Ross said...

@Abby.... it must be torture working for Apple. I would want to buy waaaay too much. AKA everything.

@Lizzie... if only they were real.

@Liz: Hooray! I finished yours last night, so I'll package it and send it tomorrow, too! :)

Ksenia said...


Thank you so much for following my blog byksenia.blogspot.com :) I absolutely love your blog