Thursday, September 15, 2011

Anniversary Adventures

Last week Mr. Ross and I had a wonderful little one year anniversary celebration... it was so nice to take a break from the real world (internet included) and spend some time together. We filled it with all of our favorite things... sushi, adventures, hand-holding, a trip to Ikea (seriously, guys... we love that place so much), more sushi, pumpkin spice lattes, robots, pad thai, sweaters and general awesomeness. It was the perfect way to celebrate our first year of marriage.

Our trip to Ann Arbor was so much fun. It was cut a little short because we gave my in-laws the wrong key to our house so we had to get home to Ulia, but what sight-seeing, shopping, and eating we did squeeze in was great (although I think Chris was happy that we cut out Zingerman's cheese factory tour...)

We explored downtown, searched for all the Fairy Doors, shook hands with robots and did our best to avoid UofM and the first-game-of-the-season football crowd. (btw see that awesome skirt I'm wearing? Remember seeing it here? Chris secretly ordered it and surprised me before we left for Ann Arbor. He's such a fantastic husband!)

We also visited the Henry Ford museum, which was about 20 minutes east of Ann Arbor. We were amazed by some of the exhibits and pieces they had on display. We viewed the theatre chair President Lincoln was assassinated in and sat in the same bus seat as Rosa Parks. Although their huge collection of antique and vintage cars was being renovated, we were able to view a few special ones on display, including the original Wienermobile and the Presidential limo that Kennedy was shot in. We also toured a sci-fi Dymaxion House from the 1940s and viewed a fun collection of doll houses. Two thumbs up for the Henry Ford, for sure.

Ann Arbor is apparently one of America's best foodie towns, and we had our pick of places to dine. Our favorite spot, by far, was Frita Batidos, a Cuban-inspired restaurant by Top Chef star Eve Aronoff. We ordered the fritas, of course, which are seasoned meat patties (I had beef, Chris had chorizo) and a chili-mayo sauce topped with crispy fries on a Cuban egg bun. I can't begin to describe how delicious these babies were. The atmosphere was great too... chalkboard menus, white-washed brick walls, communal picnic benches, glass carafes filled with water... it was a hungry designer's dream.

All in all, we really enjoyed Ann Arbor and we'll probably make it back up there soon. The city has a lot of character... downtown was lovely and filled with interesting shops and people. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend adventure with Mr. Ross.


lizzie said...

woohoo! happy anniversary!

Kate said...

Looks like you guys had such a great time! So happy for you : ) Congrats again! (Sad I missed you at Renegade!!) Poor Sofia had a meltdown mid-afternoon.

Michelle Schneider said...

you are so cute! congratulations on one year!

Abby said...

AH! i was just about to say 'hey that skirt looks familiar!' your husband is... pretty much amazerful.

i'm glad you two had fun! it. looked. awesome. and i'm totally jelz.


Ksenia said...

you guys are too cute! happy 1 anniversary!!!

Katherine Ross said...

Thanks ladies! :)

Sharon Telschow said...

It looks like you two had an amazing adventure! One of many.

jb said...

Congrats on one year! That is so exciting. I got married on June 18th and it's crazy how time has gone by!

Thanks so much for checking out my twelve by 2012 list and for sharing your thoughts about the typography class! They were very helpful! I am in school for graphic design now and I'd have to say I'm a little obsessed with type myself! I'm hoping that the class fits in with my schedule.

So do you do freelance work now? That is what I hope to do when I finish school so it would be great to talk to someone who is already doing it!