Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yellow Week!

This week is Yellow Week over at Oh, Hello Friend, which is perfect therapy for the slightly overcast Midwestern mornings we've been having lately. I do love yellow, but I'm pretty particular about the varying shades (Mustard? Of course. Buttercream? Of course not.)

Danni has done a great job rounding up inspiring bits featuring the sunny hue and is even hosting an amazing yellow giveaway. Yesterday she featured a few color combo inspiration boards featuring yellow paired with other colors. A few of my favorites...

Yellow and pink is borderline prissy in my opinion, but it reminds me of pink lemonade and sunburned skin, and then I'm okay with the combo. I like it paired with gray, which adds a little more sophistication. And how great is that yellow bag skirt from J.Crew? I want.

Yellow and seafoam isn't really a combo I've seen too much of in the design world lately, but I love how fresh it looks. Used in the wrong hands, this could be a bit much (1980s fashion, I'm looking at you...) but the lighter shades are crisp and refreshing. I wonder if that cake tastes as amazing as it looks...

Yellow and brown is another combo I wouldn't necessarily think to use, but the two create instant vintage warmth. This duo is probably my new favorite and makes me excited for fall. Images of crisp leaves, honey, dappled afternoon light and golden chocolate chip cookies come to mind.

Speaking of fall, I've finally embraced the cooling weather (as much as I've fought it.) It is my favorite season, after all. This is probably the last week of sunny weather in the seventies here in Michigan, so it's the perfect time to bid summer adieu and welcome autumn. Onward to cardigans, pumpkins, turning leaves and cider.

All color inspiration boards from Oh, Hello Friend.


Sharon Telschow said...

Nicely put. YES CIDER!!! This means we need a campfire and hot cider with cinnamon sticks! Please? And we can be wearing the yellow and brown vintage combo.

Christopher Delbert said...

This is awesome... Yellow rod is my favorite to design with. When creating logos/branding options I always try to sneak in a yellow option.