Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011: A Year in Review

Oh 2011, you have been good to me. We may be a full week into the new year, but I'm still struggling to catch up after such a great Christmas vacation. It's just so hard to believe it's already 2012 when I'm still reminiscing about 2011...

2011 was probably my favorite year in my adult life to date. Seriously.

There was black light putt-putt for Christopher's January birthday and an incredible Iron & Wine concert to celebrate our half-year wedding anniversary in February. In March, I finally worked up enough courage to cut my hair. I chopped off 9 inches.

April brought along my first niece. May brought baby swans to the lake in our backyard. June brought the start of many summertime adventures.

Then July came along and I found a full-time design job that I absolutely love -- such an answer to prayer. The adventures continued in August and included a trip to Wrigley Field to see the Cubbies. We sat five rows from the dugout and I had my first Chicago style hot dog. It was the epitome of a perfect summer day. Summer faded to fall in September and Mr. Ross and I went apple picking for my birthday. We ate apples for weeks afterward.

In October Chris and I went to see The Blanks and met Sam Lloyd. You know, Ted the lawyer from Scrubs? So awesome (which is why I have crazy eyes in the photo.) The book I designed while I worked part time at Ave Maria was officially published and distributed in November. You can find it on Amazon. And at Barnes and Noble. It's probably the highlight of my design career thus far. Which brings me to December: Christmas. It was wonderful, filled with family and friends and the celebration of Jesus' birth. Chris and I attempted to take a "family portrait" with Ulia on Christmas morning. If you think it looks like I'm strangling her in the photo... you're probably right.

Remembering each month, I honestly don't think I could pick a top highlight. In 2011, I started this blog, survived Snomageddon, and planted a garden from seed. I fell in love with my husband even more. I somehow became a decent cook and I came to grips with the fact that I'm a grown up. Such a great year.

Here's to 2012 and all the new adventures it will bring. Happy new year!


Anonymous said...

Such a great year! I MISS YOU!


Jenna said...

I enjoyed reading this! it looks like you had a great year! 2011 is my best year yet, as well! hope 2012 is just as good for you. xx

Emily said...

what a good year! so many good memories to look back upon. here's to a happy 2012!