Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ruche Enchantment

Be still my heart! Ruche just launched their newest lookbook for spring and I am completely smitten. Every page of the book (aptly titled Enchantment) is an absolute dream... kites, braids, soft colors and gorgeous spring clothing.

Those shoes. They will be mine.

The pinks and creams, feminine details and vintage accents make my heart ache for warmer weather. I told myself I would enjoy winter this year, but February is so tough. I can only scrape ice off my windshield so many times. It probably doesn't help that my winter wardrobe has been reflecting my mood lately: a dull, depressing mix of blacks and grays. Perhaps I can ease the transition with this and one of these.

I cannot wait for budding leaves, dresses, freckles and bike rides.

All photos by Elizabeth Messina for Ruche.


Emily said...

LOVE those shoes as well. I have a cheapo target version, but they're almost worn out. hmm, bday list, mabes?

design elements said...

the images look dreamy. happy Wednesday

Keitha said...

drool....my clothes are all sad and gray and need some of these things to keep them company.