Friday, March 9, 2012

Signs of Spring: the Redwing Blackbird

 Original photo by Bob Garvin

Spring is so close, guys... and I know it, because the redwing blackbirds have returned! It's totally a sign.

The redwing blackbird is probably one of my favorite birds... not because of his plumage (a lovely high-gloss black with a brilliant shock of yellow and red) or his cheery song, but because of his attitude. Traveling to and from work on the toll road, I'll see a redwing every couple of feet, guarding his territory proudly, which is usually a three-foot patch of land. If a bird could ever have a Napoleon complex, these guys totally would. They seem like the cockiest little things ever. Which is why I love them.

I usually see them perched on a fence post, the scraggly branch of a shrub, or (my personal favorite) an extremely tall weed. It's kind of ridiculous, and it seems like they cling to just about anything above the ground. Have you seen them around your home? They're sprightly little things, and pretty hard to miss because of the red feathers on their wings.

I didn't realize I missed the redwing blackbird so much this winter until I noticed their return. I'm not much of a birdwatcher or enthusiast, but I do think birds are beautiful (and sometimes comical) creatures. Do you have any favorite birds?

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Cynthia G. said...

I really love sparrows. They are pretty common but I love how they hang around fast food restaurants hoping for handouts.