Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We Are Young

Have you heard the single "We Are Young" by Fun. yet? It's been playing on repeat in my head all week. A friend of Christopher's shared it with us last week when it was a free single on iTunes, and I can't get enough of it. The music video isn't quite what I imagined (no sunshine and open fields) but it's definitely worth a watch. Or three.

Sometimes, between marriage, work and making ends meet, I need to be reminded that I'm still young. At 24, I may be done with my childhood but I have my whole life ahead of me. Anyone else feel that way? Listen to this song and be reminded... it's hard not to feel invincible when the chorus breaks out.

This is going to be my summer ballad... windows down, hair whipping in the wind.


Kate said...

I love this song! We ARE young, you know. There's so much we can do!

Jenna said...

when i first heard this song on glee (yes, glee), i couldn't get enough! i love it. i think it suits every person--young and old. no matter how old we get, we still have young hearts.


Keitha said...

yeah!!!! I am sad I missed the free single but I'm ready to pay for it.

Kate said...

Man... I hate it when I'm in the club and someone rips apart my giant teddy bear.

Sidenote: I didn't know Janelle MonĂ¡e sang the chorus!

Love this song. It's also fun to sing at the top of your lungs when you're walking home with your friends after a great night out :)

Kira said...

Love Fun! The lead singer used to have a band called The Format - they had a few FANTASTIC albums that you should definitely check out!

Katherine Ross said...

@Kira -- I love the Format! I thought his voice sounded like the same guy, and my husband googled it a while ago to confirm :) The First Single and Time Bomb = so good.

Emily said...

yes, yes! so much ahead in life; i just want to take my time and remember that many, many adventures are ahead!

Sarah Grace said...

Thank you for jumping on the Fun. train...yep, I went there.

Way back, many moons ago, I went to a Taking Back Sunday show..yep, that happened.

The opening act was The Format, no one knew who they were (true hipster here) and I found them to fantastic. At the time...they were handing out 4 track EPs...ahh the good ole days.

I strongly, strongly, encourage you to purchase their album. You will sing along, you will drum on your steering wheel and you will inevitably find yourself speeding on accident.

They are going to be in Indianapolis on June 13th. Tickets are $23. I am going. I am kidnapping whoever will go with me (*cough* Abby). I think you and Chris should join us.