Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tiny Thoughts about Tiny Things

Today, I feel like I reached a major milestone as a woman. I bought a colorful toddler's activity center, as well as a sweet little blue chenille puppy. The first ever baby items to grace my own home permanently.

Now before any of you freak out -- no, I'm not pregnant! The toys are for my niece Adalynn, who just turned one last Monday. We babysat for her tonight, and now that she is transitioning from baby to toddler, Chris and I thought it would be fun to have a few toys at our house for her to play with when she's visiting. We're actually kind of obsessed with the entire B. Toys line at Target (especially the Meowsic keyboard) and when we saw the solid wood activity center a few weeks ago, we knew we had to have it.

I've heard stories of women who secretly hoard baby booties and onesies... stuffed in boxes and tucked away in the back of closets for their someday-children. I am definitely not that kind of woman. Babies kind of gross me out, to be honest. Sure, they're sweet and innocent and the future of our nation... I totally get that. But the diaper blow-outs and pureed pea projectile vomiting? No thank you. Not too long ago, I was helping change Addie's diaper and I had to drop her and run away because I was gagging so much that I had tears in my eyes. How something so tiny could smell so awful will always be a mystery to me.

The thing is... it was today, browsing the security blankets, lullaby music boxes and sweet little stuffed animals, that I felt a peculiar twinge. I could do this. I could be a mom.

Okay, so I'm not really ready for a baby... but is anyone ever really ready to have a baby? To bring a little life into this world and care for it, nurture it, teach it everything they know? Probably not. Christopher has been wanting to start our family for a while now, but I've always resisted the idea until lately. I think I've just hit that point in life where, if I were to get pregnant, I would be happy. Blissfully so, even. 

I'd be lying to you if I didn't say this feeling is scary and a little weird. There are still about a million and three things I'd like to accomplish before having a kid... things like knocking out our debt (like that's going to happen anytime soon, though, thank you private schooling), owning a house, furthering my career, traveling the world a little more and enjoying my youth just a little bit longer, you know?

And there's the whole poop/snot/barf aversion I have... got to get over that for sure.


Kate said...

This post pretty much makes my entire life. (Next to you actually getting pregnant, that is!)

But really, what a great feeling! You're correct in the fact that there is never really a "right" time to have a baby. Now it's true you need to be emotionally ready, but for those that wait until they think they're what I like to call "prepared" ready... well, nothing truly prepares you for the tremendous blessing it is to have a child. ;) You learn as you go! And that's really why it's such a fun time.

Get your travels in! Go explore! But just know hearing this makes me (and I'm sure a lot of others) very excited.

Amber Kreider said...

They Meowsic Keyboard? Demon Possessed. So cute to look at, but makes the most horrific noises late at night as you walk through the dark house.

You never get over the poop/snot/barf aversion. NEVER. You learn to hold in the vomit long enough to finish changing the diaper.

Also, you'd be super cute preggo! Think of the dresses!

Abbyblujay said...

i think i just freaked out and died. you would be an amazing momma! and think how AWESOME it would be to see Chris as a father! yep... i just died again. haha

but in the mean time... i'm totally for career furthering, world traveling and sleeping in on Saturdays cuz you can. : )

ifindsc ormayerh

Sharon Telschow said...

Oh Kitty! You will be an amazing mother because I can already see you are an amazing auntie. Keeping it real with poo. I feel you - snot. Snot. I wanna barf every time. Kids are always strewn with it. Oh, well. Adalynn is sooo big! Seriously - I can't believe she's a toddler already.

Katherine Ross said...

You guys are seriously the best! :) I'm glad you don't think I'd be a horrible mom or anything... haha

@Amber - I think Chris and I will probably still buy the keyboard for our own entertainment haha. We seriously stand in the toy section playing Chopsticks. In perfectly-tuned meows.

@Abby - Um yes to the sleeping in. I'm not ready to give that up yet (or you know, sleep in general...)

The Art of Michelle said...

you and chris would have cute babies. i'm just sayin...

Keitha said...

I know how you feel. My saving grace is that I don't really like kids. Sure toddlers are cute but CHILDREN?! Not so cute AND they eat whatever comes out of their nose....until they are way too old to be doing so...

Did I help? Maybe not. Happy Playing

Arissa said...


Ksenia said...


You will be a good mom and no worries! I was always terrified about having a kid. I could not even share from the same spoon well now being a mom many things are not the same. Good things that is.


Tang said...

I'm with you one this post! I want to start collecting my favourite children's book from my childhood. That's on my list!