Friday, July 13, 2012

Inspiration: Mustard Yellow

Let's talk mustard. I absolutely love it (the color, specifically, although the condiment is pretty great, too.) It pops up in my design work all the time and it's all over my home and my closet. I'm not exactly sure when I started loving mustard yellow, but it's probably been a good six or seven years. In college I would go on shopping trips with my bff Arissa in search of the perfect mustard cardigan/bag/shoes/what have you. That's real life.

A few days ago I tried on a pair of skinny mustard crops over my lunch break. I equally loved and feared of them. As much as I love mustard, I'm still questioning the whole colored pants trend. I love wearing color and interesting pieces, but I usually play it pretty safe when it comes to fashion in general. Yellow pants are not safe... but they are awesome. In hopes of gathering the courage to buy the pants, I've gathered up some mustard outfits from the interwebs as inspiration. 

Clockwise from top: 1. A breezy mustard skirt like this one seems perfect for summer.  2. I don't think I could ever pull off this look, but these mustard ankle pants are downright classy and they're so dreamy paired with that minty top.  3. I think I'm going to write an entire post about Moonrise Kingdom because I loved it. Seriously. The main character, Suzy, was quirky and adorable and had a great 1960s wardrobe. I particularly loved this mini dress4. This velvety yellow headband has been on my wish list for a while now. I love the way mustard looks with dark hair.

L: The minute Abby pinned this photo from Girl and Closet, I was obsessed with this skirt. I actually found it at F21 on clearance, but it had a major snag running across the fabric. I think I'm going to bust out the sewing machine and make my own.  R: Suzannah's yellow crops are pretty similar to the pair I tried on and she totally rocks them. And who knew red pairs so well with mustard?

The more I think about it, mustard would probably be the easiest way to break into the colored pants trend... they're kind of like khaki pants on LSD, right? Neutral enough to pair with some color, although I'd probably start it off easy with gray/white/navy... playing it safe, you know me. Everyone on Instagram pretty much peer-pressured me into buying the pants (hey, thanks guys!) ... but at $50 I'm definitely going to wait for them to go on sale. Do you own any colored pants?


Kate said...

Girl, I play it safe most of the time too- but! Did you see my circus black and white striped pants? Haha... definitely calling attention to myself in those but it's so fun every once and a while. Especially while hooping!

But about the mustard, it totally works- I like mustard and kelley green for pants/skirts. I wouldn't do any neons or hot pink or anything like that, but the mustard/green look great with neutrals. And those skirt combos from the photos look amazing!

I have the least bit of fashion sense, but I know you would look great. And I would have waited for the sale too ;) Haha. Great finds!! <3

Carrie said...

I don't have any colored pants -- currently. I have, however, tried on a pair of neon pink jeans mentioned above and was *this close to buying them. But, you know, I'm an old lady and too old for neon now. Never repeat a trend, right? I was proud of some neon socks back in elementary school.

I really like mustard yellow and I think it would be a great purchase, once they go on sale! I also really like some floral pants that I've seen around (also above, achem @kate) I typically play it safe also (i'm not allowed to buy another cardigan) but it's good to have a few fun and colorful things to wear every now and then.

Tang said...

BUYYYYY! Haha. :) I just bought a pair of white jeggings from Gap, sooo worried about getting them dirty. I want mint green ones so much!

Arissa said...

I just bought some red skinnies and I was nervous at first too but they look pretty awesome on me so I'm embracing it. You know I'd be all over those mustard ones if they came in my size (i checked).

Emily said...

I love colored pants. I might have 3 pairs. :)
I say go for the mustard pants; they are classy and awesome.

Krystal said...

this is a really great color roundup, you have great style!

Quindome said...

Woah! I'm also a mustard yellow-aholic. How did this happen? My ultimate get is a new mustard purse. Loving that skirt too!

Katherine Ross said...

@Kate -- YES! I loooove those striped circus pants of yours. They remind me of something from a Tim Burton film :) I really like kelly green pants, too, especially paired with chambray.

@Carrie -- I know what you mean... neon pants can be scary, but I bet you could pull them off with a classy top :) And yes! Kate's floral pants are fantastic. It's always good to live it up a little. Crazy pants keep life exciting :)

@Tang -- oooh, mint jeggings. Find them, buy them!!!!!

@Arissa -- I bet the Lands End pants come in your size, I'll have to send you a link if I can find them online. I'm curious, what do you wear your red skinnies with? Black/gray/white, or another color? Light blue maybe?

@Emily -- Way to rock the colored pants! Maybe knowing that you have three will help me embrace one pair for myself :)

@Krystal -- thanks!

@Quindome -- It's just such a great color! Have you checked Target for purses? They usually have a nice selection of mustard accessories.

Sharon Telschow said...

Now that you make my think about it - I don't own any colored pants. A pair of navy blue polka-doted shorts and red retro swimming trunks but that is the extent. You should know you are not alone in you conservative color palette. But I totally think you would and should OWN those pants.

Katherine Ross said...

You know, for some reason I'm surprised you don't have colored pants, Miss Sharon! Maybe because you have so many other colorful things, like that kelly green tunic I'm so very fond of :)