Monday, August 6, 2012

Late Summer Sunsets

This weekend Christopher and I were complete bums. Saturday was a fairly overcast day and we had no problem sleeping in past ten (or was it eleven?) only to wake up and lounge around on the couch with lingering cups of coffee and slices of peanut butter toast. We ventured out of the house around six for Chinese takeout, and promptly returned home for an evening of Netflix. With as busy as our weekends have been lately, it was so nice to do absolutely nothing at all.

We were hit pretty hard with a heavy thunderstorm that came in waves throughout the evening (fortunately the tornado southeast of us didn't travel to us as expected.) It eventually passed as the day drew to an end, and around nine a peculiar yellow-orange light crept through our windows and drew us to the waterlogged world outside.

The sky was on fire.

 The longer we're married, the more similar we become... we're even starting to make the same faces. 

The brilliance only lasted about ten minutes before it faded into a softer sunset with a purple-gray haze streaked with pink. We just stood on the dock, taking it all in. It was probably the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen, in all honesty. 

As beautiful as it was, it made me a little sad. This gorgeous sunset reminded me that summer was fading... the days are growing shorter and the air has a little more of an edge in the evenings. Fall is drawing close. Sometimes I wish summer could last forever, but then I suppose it wouldn't be as special.


katie said...

the same faces pictures cracked me up! you guys make a cute couple. :)

you captured this sunset beautifully!

Abbyblujay said...


love you, love your face.

Latrina said...

Number one: You two are freaking cute! So adorable together.

Number two: OMG! THAT SKY! I am obsessed with sunsets and just the sky in general... whether in the day or at night... No matter what it may look like, it's always beautiful and never the same. I've never seen a sky THAT orange before. Stunning!!

Kate said...

How is that sky even real life? Seriously!

I have never seen anything like that in all my years. I need to visit Michigan more! You and Chris are the cutest. For real. :) Makes my heart happy!!

Sharon Telschow said...

So beautiful! I am happy to see the photo series associated with that instaphoto that took my breath away. You two are quite the cuties!

Michelle Schneider said...

seriously crazy! and a little eery right? i'm pretty sure my camera would have freaked out in this kind of lighting...but your pictures are beautiful!

Emily said...

seriously...that is the perfect saturday! i love the lazy saturday concept. :)

and that sunset is gorgeous. i am sad that summer is ending, too. not ready for another MI winter!