Monday, December 17, 2012

Pumpkin Cookies

Today's cookie post comes from Michelle, artist and blogger at The Art of Michelle. If you've been reading Gathered Heart for long, you probably that know I love Michelle's artwork (see her GH artist interview here!) Michelle uses a combination of techniques, from watercolor to paper collage to details scrawled in pencil, resulting in beautiful pieces with a touch of whimsy. Be sure to check out her website and Etsy shop to see her work -- I adore her custom house portraits and butterfly prints.

When I asked Michelle to participate in 12 Days of Christmas Cookies, she asked if she could illustrate her cookie recipe. I thought it was a wonderful idea, and I'm so happy to feature Michelle's artwork yet again... this time in recipe form.

When my husband Seth moved out of his parent's house and into his own home, his mother sent a handwritten cookbook with him. At the time, Seth and I were just dating, and the notion of his mother going to all that trouble over a cookbook when the man obviously didn't know how to cook was, frankly, an overture toward me. I probably rolled my eyes a little at this obvious "you'll need this cookbook if you want to be a part of our family" gesture. Country women loooove their cookin.

Now almost two years into our marriage, I've learned to treasure that cookbook! I've never considered myself as "domesticated" (say that with a hillbilly twang) as most wives seem to be, but that cookbook has taught me a lot about what a little butter and sugar can do for a family. I'm nowhere near caught up with all the other country women around these parts, but I'm learning that the recipes these ladies share are like little precious family gems passed down from generation to generation. (The thought of them somehow landing in my lap must undoubtedly strike fear in those Foster hearts!)

One of those little gems is this Pumpkin Cookies recipe. There's a little note in my husband's cookbook next to this particular recipe which reads: Great Grandma Margaret Foster. So you can thank her and generations of Foster women for perfecting this recipe so we can enjoy it today! And perfect they are. Soft and spicy and sweet. Mix up a batch of powdered sugar icing to drizzle on top if you're like me and crave that little extra sweetness.

As a special gift to Gathered Heart readers, Michelle is offering this recipe illustration at a special price of $15 in her Etsy shop. You can purchase this print for your own kitchen! Thanks again, Michelle, for sharing this family cookie recipe with us!
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Abbyblujay said...

Though we didn't talk much in college, Michelle, has quickly become my closet favorite person EVER.

I'm going to buy it and frame it. It's a perfect addition to a kitchen and an actual recipe to boot! BRILLIANT.

Carrie said...

This is really great! I'm almost tempted to try baking again.

Michelle Schneider said...

Abbyblujay- Just so you know, I TOTALLY regret not being better friends with you and Katherine in college! What was up with that anyways? Maybe I was too intimidated... who knows!

Anyways, thanks for the compliments! And Katherine- thank you for featuring me! Your blog is DA BOMB. :)

Pink Ronnie said...

My goodness, how gorgeous is that recipe illustration!?
Ronnie xo