Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Give Up

A Tattered Line of String - the newest single from the Postal Service 

Today, I think I got a small taste of what it's like to be a parent.

Let me explain. Chris and I are HUGE fans of the Postal Service, who recently announced a ten year anniversary release of Give Up, plus new tracks and a reunion tour. I don't know about you, but Give Up probably accounts for 30% of the soundtrack to my high school existence, and I still love it just as much today as I did then.

So when I saw this afternoon that they were touring in Detroit, I flipped out. I called Chris to share the news, all while logging in to the presale ticket website, hoping the tickets didn't sell out in the two short hours they had been available. We were doing it - we were actually going to see the Postal Service, one of the bands topping our dream-concert list.

Then it dawned on me: the show was June 10, not even a month after our little girl is supposed to arrive. In three short months, our life will change in a big way. Concerts, road trips, even Friday nights at the movies... there's a lot of stuff we won't be able to do on a whim anymore. And I'm okay with it. Even though we have to give up all those things, we gain so much more. A tiny human being, our little girl, the start of our family.

I can't wait to sing her Postal Service lullabies.


Cal said...

Postal Service is one of my favorite bands and I'm so excited to hear some new tunes! I'm bummed they aren't coming to LA so who knows if I'll ever see them. Your reason for missing the show is much more exciting than mine :) I can't believe you only have three more months. Yippeee!!

Sharon Telschow said...

What a lucky baby!

Carrie said...

Ah! Shows and babies are a tough mix. Even shows and pregnancy can be tough if all your favorite bands play in smoke-filled bars downtown like mine do. Just last night I missed a show because of that.

Is detroit within driving distance of you? If it is, my two cents is that you should still try and go. You guys will miss your leetle one to pieces but she will be safe with a loving grandma or family member for just a few hours (possibly sleeping the whole time) and you both may welcome the return to something familiar. :)

I'm curious to hear the rest of their new album.

Latrina said...

Aww. This was so so sweet, Katherine. It made me a little teary-eyed even. I'm very happy for you and I think you two are going to make wonderful parents. :)

And by the way... totally in the same boat with you for being big fans of The Postal Service. They'll be here soon but tickets are pretty pricey. :| A huge dilemma!

Nicole said...

Oh man, I listened to quite a bit of Postal Service myself! I'm sure you'll be so in love with your little girl you won't give the show a second thought on June 10 :)

Katherine Ross said...

Carrie - I like the way you think! Detroit is only about two hours from us right now. I think we would totally go if we were experienced parents... but I don't think we'll be at that stage with our first baby :) Plus, tickets are $50, so I would hate to waste all that cash if something came up!

Latrina - Oh thank you :) I say you go to the show near you if you can. Who knows when they'll be touring again... it might be another 10 years!

Nicole - I bet you're right. She's really all I can think of now, so once she's actually HERE who knows how obsessed I'll be haha!