Monday, May 6, 2013

Ten Days

Instagram taken by Sharon after our weekend trip to the Goshen Farmer's Market

Ten more days until baby girl is due to arrive. Ten. more. days.

It just doesn't seem possible that in less than two weeks, Christopher and I will be parents. I just can't even. I've washed teeny tiny onesies and the smallest socks in the world. Christopher has assembled the bassinet (and disassembled it to discourage kitty naps for the time being.) The carseat base has been installed in the back of our car, ready to go. Diapers, baby shampoo, blankets galore: check, check, check. We've essentially been preparing for this for the past nine months, but I still don't feel ready. The only thing I haven't done yet is pack the hospital bag... I'm half afraid that if I cross that last thing off my list, baby girl will know and I'll go into labor immediately.

Even though I've had it pretty easy with my pregnancy overall, I'm definitely feeling huge pregnant these days. Swollen feet, achey hips, a distinct waddle. Pregnancy is not a glamorous thing, don't let anyone fool you. Also, the dream hair and glowy skin they always tell you about? It's a lie, too, at least for this mama. Baby girl has stolen my beauty like the old wives' tale said she would... but it's totally worth it.

All that said, I'm besides myself with excitement. I can't wait to meet our little girl! (duh.)


Callie said...

I think you look amazing! And I can't believe you only have a few more days!!

Carrie said...

So Close! I don't know, your hair and skin look pretty amazing from here ;) I agree that it isn't glamorous though - I've reached the point that I have to roll myself out of bed and need help standing up from the couch.

Hang in there! Hoping she comes at just the right time (after your hospital bags are packed, of course)!

(also, regarding previous post, We have three cats and I was worried how they would react to a new baby, too but they have been WAY more tolerant and accepting than I could have imagined)

Kirstin Anne said...

Julian stole my beauty too, and has yet to return it hah! So soon!

Keitha said...


Sharon Telschow said...

YAY! The hospital bag. I just can't believe it's almost time. It seems like last weekend we were having that "bun in the oven" conversation out in front of the Brew. Wow. wow. You are going to be one fantastic momma and you little girl is so stinkin' lucky to have you and Christopher to raise and guide her through life.

Nicole said...

So soon!! Can't wait to see pics of your little gal :)

Latrina said...

What are you talking about -- you look gorgeous! :) I can not believe you have only 10 days left.. wow. It seems like yesterday you were sharing the big news with us! Congrats and I will be thinking of you this week. :)

Tang said...

Awwww can't wait to meet her too! Excited for you. :)

Pink Ronnie said...

That is truly exciting Katherine! I, for one, think you are looking lovely (although I totally understand where you are coming from too).
All the very best, hoping that labour and delivery go as smoothly as can be!
Ronnie xo