Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day

This past Saturday, we celebrated my first mother's day. Goodness. 

It was a beautifully warm weekend -- we spent the entire day outside, gardening and chasing Amelia, and had delicious smoky BBQ ribs for dinner. It was simple, sweet, and couldn't have been more perfect. 

Instead of buying me a big bouquet, Chris took me to our local nursery, Linton's, to pick out flowers for our window box: purple wishbones, yellow begonias, and a few artillery plants (my new favorite succulent, pictured above.) The window box is a little scrappy looking at the moment, but I know the flowers will eventually fill in more and it makes me smile every time I leave the house.

Our little weeder gave me a bouquet of her own: dandelion tops from our yard. She proudly handed over the flowers that didn't end up in her mouth first. Words really cannot express how much Amelia Joy means to me. Seeing the world through her eyes, watching her grow and explore, the way she reacts to spring leaves and sunshine -- it is nothing short of magical.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, holding her in a fluffy towel after bath time, and I'm taken aback by how natural it is to have her in my arms. She is mine, I am hers. I haven't even been a mother for a full year but sometimes it seems like she is all I have ever known.

It can be challenging but it is wonderful and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Carrie said...

I love your window boxes! Happy First Mothers Day to you! It sounds like a perfect day!

Kate said...

Ooooh my goodness. The two of you. Can't even handle this. Happy belated Mother's Day!

Gaby said...

my first mother's day was just 6 days after clementine was born, and this time around, with a year of motherhood under my belt it meant so much more. i love mother's day :) looks like you had a good one x

Nicole said...

She is so precious! Sounds like a wonderful day :)

Tang said...

Too adorable for words. :) Nothing like a sweet gift that makes you smile all the time.