Thursday, July 31, 2014

Primetime Streaming

I have all these grand visions of life as a multitasking supermom... garden-to-table three course dinners, handmade toys and sweet little hand-stitched sundresses for Amelia, consistently shampooed hair. You know.

But after the day is done and the baby is in bed, who wants to sit at a sewing machine when you can snuggle on the couch and stream TV shows instead?* Now that Chris and I have the littlest Ross, our days of binge-watching a series during the weekend are over, but we still find time to catch an episode or two in the evenings. Here are our recent favorites on Netflix and Amazon...

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK  This show might be a little old news but I don't even care. Never in my life did I think I would love a prison drama so much. But I do, we both do. It took us forever but we finally finished season two a few weeks ago and now there's a void in our lives.

KEY AND PEELE  This is our go-to show when we're in the mood for something lighthearted. The jokes are hilarious, the characters are ridiculous, the production value is surprisingly high-quality. One of my favorite sketches: substitute teacher #2.

DOWNTON ABBEY  I realize the blogworld is probably over Downton (until next season, perhaps) but since we didn't have TV for the past four seasons, I've been catching up on Amazon. The storyline, the history, the costumes, the dry humor... it's all so good (although I feel like I should share that Chris decidedly does not feel the same.) I just finished season three yesterday and OHMYGOSH I don't even want to talk about it, my heart is broken. I just can't.

ADVENTURE TIME  We usually turn on Finn and Jake's shenanigans when we don't know what else to watch. Then we get sucked in to watching four episodes because everything is just so dang mathematical. I don't even know how to summarize this show in a few sentences, so you should probably read this article from the New Yorker.

Have you been obsessing over any shows lately? Next up for us will probably be Six Feet Under, and I've never seen The Office in full (I stopped watching when Michael left) so that's on my list as well, but I'd love to hear some other favorites!

* I feel the need to note that this sentence has some nice alliteration going on and even rhymes. I also feel the need to note that it was not planned. I promise I'm not that cheesy, I just read a lot of nursery stories these days.


Carrie said...

Your evenings sound a lot like ours. We've recently been watching Psych. Surprisingly it makes me snort-laugh almost every episode. I still need to watch everything you mentioned. I have yet to see an episode of downton abbey. I have however watched every episode of my little pony. I actually kind of love it.

Nicole said...

I'm such a fan of streaming television, so I'm secretly happy when it rains and I can watch some tv and not feel guilty about staying inside :) I 2nd Carrie's Psych rec, it's funny. The last season was a bit boring for me, but it's lighthearted and funny. I really got into the Netflix series House of Cards, Lillyhammer and recently The Killing. And sometimes I need a girly show to watch all by myself, so I rewatched Felicity last year and started on Gossip Girl. Did I just admit that on the internet??

Katherine Ross said...

YES we love Psych! We haven't seen the final season yet but oh man, Shawn and Gus are our favorites :)

Nicole - I'll admit it with you, I watched ALL of Gossip Girl AND Felicity when I was pregnant. Sometimes you just gotta do it.

Jamie Bartlett said...

Haha we love Adventure Time too!

Tang said...

I think I made the decision to skip season 4 of Downton after watching season 3. He was my favourite!!! Have you seen the trailer for his new movie "The Guest"? He looks so different but those blue eyes! Haha.