Friday, March 11, 2011

my gathered heart

Hooray! gathered heart is finally up and running! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Katherine Ross, a 23 year old graphic designer and illustrator from southern Michigan and (now) the author of gathered heart. This blog has been in the planning stages for a very, VERY long time and I'm excited to finally start posting.

Love What You Do print by the amazing illustrator Katie Daisy 

I'm starting gathered heart as my own online collection of art, design, vintage findings, crafting and DIY, personal musings, beautiful things and inspiring bits. Collectively, these are the things I love, gathered up in one place online - my gathered heart. The goal of this blog is not only to document and share the things I love, but also to inspire others. So many blogs have encouraged me in my pursuit of a creative life, and I hope the thoughts I share on here will in turn inspire you or brighten your day with something lovely.

When you stop by gathered heart, you'll probably find the occasional post on:
    • Cardigans, coffee, and color theory
    • Gorgeous homes that I wish were mine
    • Independent artists
    • My current illustration and design projects
    • How much I love my husband (and Tina Fey)

Don't expect to see:
    • Elaborate recipes that take 5 hours to prepare
    • "What I wore today" photos
    • Angsty poetry
    • YouTube videos that my dad forwards me

Though I obviously don't have any other posts for you to read just yet, check back often; I hope to update gathered heart three times a week at the very least. Have a happy Friday!