Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello, Kitty.

Of course... now that the blog is up and running, things pick up at work and I have no time to post anything. I just finished the last design that has been sitting in a stack on my desk, so until the next project rolls in I'm free to roam the internet in search of heart-related items for my next post.

In the meantime, I thought I should introduce my blogging buddy, Ulia: (pronounced yoo-lee-ah)

Photo taken with Instagram for iPhone

On the day I don't go in to work (usually a Tuesday or a Thursday), I start my morning off right with oatmeal, coffee and blog reading. Typically you'll find my coffee on the right, and Miss Kitty to my left, sitting against my computer's heat vent. She also enjoys sleeping for hours in the sun, meowing loudly when Chris and I are trying to watch a movie, and hoarding bobby pins and rubber bands under the dining room table.

She also answers to: Ulie, Ulers, Skitty, Skitters, Skitterish, Kitterish, and Babers. I'm trying to get her to respond to "Kitty Perry" but no luck so far. It's a little much, I know, but we love her. I'll probably post way too many pictures of her here, but she's just too cute not to. Look at those little white paws. 

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