Thursday, May 12, 2011

NYC (as sung by Regina)

I just saw this on Design*Sponge and had to repost it right away. Artist Francesca Pasini has illustrated a map of New York City using Regina Spektor lyrics that correspond with their locations. Map + Regina + typography = awesome.

I love the simple, two-color screen print with wonderful handwritten typography -- each song features a different font. I spot lyrics from a few of my personal favorites... Back of a Truck, Aching to Pupate, Dance Anthem of the 80s, and of course, Summer in the City. I'm not sure what the little island lyric is, but check out that tiny Statue of Liberty.

The print is available on Etsy for $43, and it's selling fast. In the time I started this post, there were 8 prints available. Only 3 are left and I'm sure they'll be gone by lunch!


Abby&theJets said...

this. is. AMAZING!

also i just found out we have a mutual love for chart posters... yum. : )

Jenn said...

I LOVE typography and this little map makes me sooooo happy :)

Katherine Ross said...

Me too! Thank goodness for the internet!!