Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Twelve by 2012

Last Thursday, Danni of Oh, Hello Friend shared a new project, Twelve by 2012: a blogging challenge to list, track, and complete twelve goals by the new year. You all know that I love lists... remember this little list of goals? Although I've (surprisingly) been checking stuff off the list, I haven't been very good at updating my progress along the way. Seeing Twelve by 2012 reminded me that I still have a few more things I want to accomplish by 2012 (which is only 73 days away!) so I thought I'd share...

My Twelve by 2012 list:
  1. Send 12 friends handwritten letters.
  2. Get to know the manual settings on my new camera.
  3. Deep clean the house in preparation for winter.
  4. Try my hand at making braided apple bread. (Pretty, tasty. Pretty tasty.)
  5. Write and illustrate a children's book for Addie (successfully combining 9 and 17 from my previous list. Genius.)
  6. Learn how to tat lace.
  7. Typography flash cards. Still need to make them. Still need to memorize them.
  8. Read/design covers for Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and The Little Princess. (Considering the fact that I haven't even started this project, I've decided that three books are much more manageable than the original goal of 11. The selections are all young adult, too, so the reading will go pretty quickly. Hopefully.)
  9. Stay healthy, stay happy (This requires exercise and more fruits and veggies!)
  10. Sketch/draw more often and share my illustrations here.
  11. Get my work published on a blog I admire.
  12. Do a little research on home ownership. (It's a big step, but Chris and I are ready-ish to start looking at houses!)

I think this is a pretty manageable list, if I do say so. It essentially tackles everything I wanted to do in 2011, with a few added goals to finish up the year. 10 weeks, 12 goals. I can totally do it. Anyone else participating in Twelve by 2012? I'd love to see your lists!


Kate said...

This is such a great idea, I really need to come up with a list of my own! Great share, thank you!

Tang said...

Hi Katherine! I'd say you have a pretty sweet blog too! :)
I am loving #1!!! That's such a great thing to have on your list. I offered postcards out to readers once and now I think I'll do that again. :)

Jamie Bartlett said...

Hi Katherine! Thanks for stopping by our blog and checking out our list. Your list is great! I can't wait to see your book cover designs. What a great idea! Good luck with the typography flash cards. I took a typography class in college and we had to memorize a bunch of fonts. It can be tricky, but now I can pretty easily recognize what font is what. Good Luck!

Donaville said...

best of luck to you on achieving your goals! that braided apple bread looks delish and pretty.

jb said...

Loving your list! It was so inspiring! Maybe I'll have to make another list when 2012 begins and steal a few of your ideas ;)
Just wondering - are you taking a typography class? I am debating on taking one next semester so if you are I would love to hear how you have liked it.


katie [the bright life] said...

I love your list! I'm in the process of putting together mine, and I love seeing what everyone has come up with. Your #1 is my favorite...handwritten letters are the best! Good luck on finishing your 12! XO, Katie

Lara said...

Great list! I would definitely love to/ need to do 1,2, and 3. I also really love 9 and 10. If only there were more time in the world...

My hubby and I took the plunge in the home ownership department, if you have any questions, just ask! :)