Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011 Goals: an Update

Back in late January/early February, I decided to write down a list of goals for 2011. I'm not very big on New Year's resolutions because I think open-ended goals like "get organized" and "lose weight" are basically set ups for failure. I am, however, a huge fan of lists. I love lists. They're quick and easy and making them helps me collect my thoughts when I'm feeling overwhelmed with life. Not to mention that I always feel so accomplished as I cross things off... which in turn usually inspires me to start my next task. Lists are great.

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Now that 2011 is more than half over (where did it go?!), I thought I'd give you an update on my list of goals. I feel like I've accomplished a lot so far, and hopefully sharing will help keep me accountable with the rest of my to-dos for the year. 

  1. Design a blog of my own. (obviously, I knocked this one out! Completed March 11.)  
  2. Plan a fun trip to go on with Christopher. (we're hoping to get away for our one year anniversary, so this one is in the works.) (Ann Arbor! Completed September 2-5)
  3. Typography flash cards. Make them. Memorize them.
  4. Revamp my resume/digital portfolio/print portfolio. (In a big push to get a job, I revamped everything before my interview with Bethel. I guess it worked. Completed June 2.)
  5. Order business cards... design them first, of course. (Check! I actually got them in the mail a few weeks ago... to be featured in a post soon. Completed June 6.)
  6. Send friends hand-written letters more often.
  7. Find a full time job. (Hooray! Completed June 20.)
  8. Eat healthy with Chris/learn to cook healthy meals (This is a continuous goal, but I think we've been doing a really good job in general. We just need to fix our weekend fast food binges. On going, completed.)
  9. Write and illustrate a children's book.
  10. Exercise four times a week, at least (there was a point when Chris and I were working out every day. Sadly, our gym membership has expired and we've been slacking. I need to get back on the workout wagon.)
  11. Read 11 classic works of literature. Design 11 dust jackets for said books. (inspired by the senior project of Jim Tierney, which actually got him a job at Penguin. Amazing.)
  12. Get my work published. D*S or Mint would be great... ultimate goal: How magazine.
  13. Create a special one year anniversary gift for Christopher (I need to get cracking on this one... only a month and two days left!)
  14. Sketch more/practice hand lettering. (Ongoing process; here's a sample!)
  15. Attend a design conference or artisan workshop.
  16. Create some kind of goofy tradition with Christopher. (Done and done. Trilogy Saturdays.)
  17. Make a baby gift for Nat & Dewy.
  18. Open an Etsy shop... if I'm feeling really ambitious. (Maybe this can be categorized as a 5-year goal...)
  19. Learn the art of tatting so I can make my own lace.
  20. Work on a new series of illustrations.
  21. Learn a little something about time management.
* Bonus: Try to figure out how to be a grown-up. (Another ongoing project... called life.)
Okay, so maybe I still have a bit more to accomplish than I thought. In theory, since the year is half over, half of my list should be crossed off. Not even close. I did cross off some biggies, though... finding a full-time job, for example. And I completely re-branded myself as a freelancer: updates to my website, resume, portfolio, business cards... I even revamped my invoices. I'd say that's a big deal.

Since the more serious goals have been taken care of, it's time for me to have a little more fun and get creative. I think I'll start working on the typography flash cards next, and spend a little more time in my sketchbook. I haven't had a ton of time to read lately, but I think I could start goal no. 11. Do you have any "classic" book suggestions? The only one on my list so far is Alice in Wonderland, so I need 10 more books!


michael ann said...

ooh i love a good list! i think i need to make one seeing as so much of the year is almost done. i've been trying to read pride and prejudice for a couple months now, i haven't been doing very well in the making time for reading department... haha!

Michelle Schneider said...

Whoa girl. These goals are so great! I especially love goal 11 and 19. And I can't wait to see the results of #9 and #14!

Kira said...

One of my favorite books is "A Wrinkle in Time." Not quite a classic and easily read in a few hours, but I love it! If you haven't read it, definitely add it to your list!

Abby said...

i think you could do awesome things with "Peter Pan" i dunno. what about C.S. Lewis chronicles of Narnia? cuz you have seven right off the bat.

is it weird i just wanna join you in your goals? it's weird. i need my own goals. maybe i should write some goals hmm? we'll see. we'll see.

(psssst. reply to my dang emaiiiil. no pressure. none.)

Mollie said...

i love the layout of the blog and the colour scheme, it all looks so lovely - following! :)

Michelle Schneider said...

ooohhhh Katherine...


Sharon Telschow said...

Peter Pan, The Secret Garden, To Kill A Mockingbird, and The Little Princess are my votes for reads and re-dos. (I just looked and saw that Abby wrote Peter Pan, brainwaves - it's official!)