Monday, November 14, 2011

Farewell, Fall

I think life got the best of me last week. Chris and I are still trying to work out the some-jerk-stole-$800-from-our-account debacle... we've been waiting a week now for legal paperwork (and my new debit card) to arrive in the mail from the bank. Oddly enough, Chris noticed this morning that the money had been returned to our account. Hooray! -- but this leaves me confused... is everything settled? Do we still need to fill out the paperwork? Has the bank decided to return our money regardless? Who knows.

To top it off, today was nothing but cold, gray, and rainy. As excited as I am for the holidays, I'm sad that fall is coming to a close. It always feels like such a short-lived season. I've rounded up some cozy fall images to help boost my spirits and give autumn a proper goodbye until next year.

Untitled, by fifty-six on flickr

Photo by John Allen via Frolic

Photo by Elias Carlson via design work life

Bittersweet wreath, Amy Merrick for Design*Sponge

Photo by Eylul Aslan via Abby

Miss Joan headband, $12

Orange Spice Pumpkin Muffins from Good Life Eats

Adorable engagement session by Shannen Norman via Green Wedding Shoes


Kate said...

I can't believe they stole money!! I'm glad it's back now! I can't even imagine! :-(

Michelle Schneider said...

Sorry to hear about your money ordeal. Great photo finds! I am really going to miss Autumn. She's been good to me.

Tang said...

Ugh why do people do these things! I had a similar problem with my credit card, but they just replaced it and it was done. I hope it's all fixed!

Katherine Ross said...

Thanks for your well wishes, ladies. We've gotten everything sorted out (as far as we know.) Fraud is such a scary thing to deal with... I hope it doesn't happen again!