Monday, November 7, 2011

The Good, the Bad, the Linen-Fresh

I've made it a new weekend tradition to do a little baking on Sundays... this past weekend, I made the braided apple bread from my twelve by 2012 list. Isn't it pretty? I wish it would have tasted as good as it looked... Long story short, I baked the loaf on a pan that I had previously soaked with a dryer sheet to remove burnt-on grime.

Who knew that even after a wash or two, the pan was still saturated with the scent (and taste) of fresh linen. The bread was warm, cinnamon-y and so, so clean. Gross.

Thankfully, I've totally redeemed myself tonight with the easiest, healthiest, tastiest muffins ever. In the fifteen minutes that they've been cooling, I've already had three. Probably to cope with the fact that my identity has been stolen and some lovely Ohioan has gone on an $800 Best Buy shopping spree in my name. But that's another story for another time.

What a Monday.


rachelfiorenza said...

Couldn't they have at least gone to Anthropology?

Sharon Telschow said...

WHAAAH? That is terrible.

Kate said...

Dangit I hate when that happens!! I did that with my new crock-pot and ruined my whole pot of stew.

Emily said...

too bad the dryer sheet wasn't lavender scented...I baked some lavender into banana bread this summer, and it was pretty great.

hope things get figured out regarding your identity, etc. crazy!

p.s. the chevron duvet is from urban outfitters. :)