Friday, November 18, 2011

Forever 21 Necklaces

from left: Lovely Locket $2.80 |  Antiqued Jewel Pendant $4.80 | Moose Charm $1.50
Leaf Cluster $1.50 |  Delicate Dove Charm $1.50

We should probably not talk about how many Forever 21 necklaces I own. It's so hard to resist their call every time I walk in the store... especially when they're only $1.50!

These dainty gold lovelies are have just the right amount of vintage charm and quirkiness. They would be great stocking stuffers (hint, hint, husband of mine who reads this blog...) I've had my eye on that antiqued jewel pendant for a while now.


Keitha said...

After the holidays we should go shopping...I have my eye on a few also and my almost-husband hates that store

lizzie said...

love 'em. that jewel pendant is my fave as well.

The Art of Michelle said...

whoooaaaa $1.50?? Where's forever 21 when i need it? these necklaces are so cute!

Emily said...

those are pretty cute, and such a great price; i haven't been to f21 in forever. maybe it's time to pay a visit soon? :)

Katherine Ross said...

Keitha -- Yes please! I haven't been on a girly shopping trip since being married. Which is so sad.

Michelle and Emily -- You can always purchase them online :) Yet another miracle of the internet.

Tang said...

I Love the little pink locket! Want!