Friday, January 20, 2012

Catbird Rings

I'll admit, as much as I love giant cocktail rings and vintage spoon rings, I'm not much of a ring wearer myself (other than my engagement ring and wedding band, that is.) They always feel so foreign on my fingers. But I think I could change my ways for one (or all) of these gorgeous rings from New York boutique Catbird...

There's something so pretty about the delicate and subtle details of these rings, like the wheat pattern in the above Nora Ring (which has a corresponding "Nick" pattern for men. Love it.) The hand-hewn texture and soft brushed metal are just dreamy.

Clockwise from top left: Silver Ampersand Ring | Tiny City Band | Rosegold Heart Ring
Gold Alphabet Ring | Thin Band | White Diamond Seed Ring

I've been seeing a lot of gorgeous stacking rings lately and I'm totally on board with the feminine, whisper-thin bands. I love the idea of stacking a baby's initial and birthstone as a gift for a new mama, or stacking your lover's initial with a gemstone and a heart.

Did I really just say lover? Yes, yes I did.

Hexagon Ring with Champagne Diamond

I seriously can't get over how old-world beautiful that Hexagon Ring is... such a great twist on the diamond solitaire. Pretty sure it needs to be on my finger now.

Catbird works with local New York jewelry designers to offer a ton of beautiful, unique jewelry and handmade gifts, but I think their ring selection is my favorite. Pretty, pretty.


Ksenia said...

OMG what a great post! I am not into rings - I only have a wedding ring :) but after seeing this post I think I would not mind adding another ring.


Kira said...

So pretty! I actually have a ring that is very similar to the seed ring (custom-made by an artist on Etsy) - I wear it every day!

Kate said...

Wow. I feel the same way, I'm really not into rings either they just look out of place on my fingers... but that twig ring? Definitely giving me birthday present ideas! ;)

Kate said...

Oh, never mind. Haha. It's $500! Still pretty, though!

Katherine Ross said...

@Kira - Etsy is where I first fell in love with small bezel set diamonds.... they're so pretty yet simple enough to wear every day.

@Kate - that's the only downfall of these rings! Diamonds and gold can be pricey :) The stacking rings are much more affordable but definitely aren't as show stopping.