Friday, January 13, 2012

The Newlywed Cookbook

I'm not exactly sure when a married couple is no longer considered "newlywed" ... a month, a year? I guess Christopher and I are probably past that point by now, but we're still newlyweds in my mind. And regardless, I would love to own a copy of Food Network chef and food blogger Sarah Copeland's The Newlywed Cookbook. Please and thank you.

The layout and typography, the food styling and photography... this book looks beautiful. Not to mention the recipes sound super tasty and healthy. Gardner's pizza? Oatmeal-yogurt pancakes with blackberry crush? Bittersweet chocolate tart? I could go for that.


Some of my favorite memories with Chris involve cooking... all my first-month-of-marriage cooking disasters, birthday breakfasts, making pad thai together (one of our many favorites.) If there's one thing Chris and I love to do, it's eat.

The Newlywed Cookbook has over 130 recipes, tips on stocking your pantry (something I haven't quite mastered yet), eating seasonally and even a chapter on home gardening. It would make such a sweet wedding gift, perhaps paired with a bottle of wine or a jar of preserves. And who says you need to be married to enjoy the recipes in this book? Who wouldn't want to make thousand-layer chocolate chip cookies?

Find the Newlywed Cookbook on Amazon or in Barnes and Noble. While your at it, check out Sarah's blog, Edible Living, which is chock-full of many tasty looking recipes.

All photos by Sara Remington via Edible Living. Spotted on Oh Joy!


Kate said...

Wow, these photos are awesome. I want to buy this so bad right now!

Abby said...

I totally want this cookbook! it looks amazing! (buttermilk as the font?! super sold.) yeah i might buy it. todaaaay haha


Abby said...

actually what sold me on this cookbook is that there is a recipe in here called "the MAN sandwich" and it's a sausage sandwich. sealed the whole deal.


The Art of Michelle said...

my mouth is watering. pictures make all the difference in a cook book don't they? I'm am definitely going to be checking this out soon! I've been searching for cookbooks actually. Thanks for the post!

Ksenia said...

Wow, those pictures are so appetizing... I think I would like to have this book and work on my cooking skills.