Friday, April 27, 2012

Classic Coats for Spring

Can we talk weather for a little bit? This spring has been so bizarre -- 80 degree days in early March, snow in April, and now a projected forecast that doesn't hit 60 for a very long time. I really can't complain as long as the sun is shining, but it's just weird. The days aren't cold enough for a winter coat, but they aren't warm enough to go coat-less, either, especially in the morning.

I haven't had a "spring" coat for a while now, and lately I've found myself wishing that I had one.... a classic coat with fun details, like any of these:
1. This polka dot raincoat reminds me of something I would have worn as a little girl. I just can't decide if it would be cute or weird paired with bright yellow Wellies... but I vote cute.  2. Striped, hooded, jersey-ed pea coat: all of the best things in life rolled into one. Thank you, Anthropologie. Too bad it's $300.  3. You can't go wrong with a classic tie-waist trench coat, and I love this deep brown color and the quarter-length sleeve tie backs.  4. I have a super-crush on Dear Creature's Portobello double breasted coat. The vintage silhouette, the ribbon trim, the applique pockets.... I'm pretty sure it's true love.  5. The fun dotted print of this trench from ModCloth is the perfect combination of timeless and . 6. I don't know about you, but I love pea coats in general -- this one comes in such a pretty blush color and is only $29.99!

Of course, I've waited too long to find a lightweight coat in stores -- most retailers have switched out their spring merchandise to summer swimsuits, shorts and sandals. If I want one of the above coats I'd better make a decision quickly. Do any of them strike your fancy, or do you already have a spring coat of your own? I might end up with the Target pea coat... and I think I'm going to stalk polka dot trench and see if it gets any cheaper.


Arissa said...

Number 2 and 6 seem to fit your style the best. I think the cut of number 6 would look awesome on you.

Tang said...

All about the trench! I want a nice classic trench.