Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Summer!

Summer is officially here! It seems like summertime is all I ever write about lately, but I just can't help it. Everything is warm and moving and so full of life. The sunshine, the green grass, the breeze off the lake... summer is my favorite season by far.

I have a little tradition once summer hits that's honestly a bit of a guilty pleasure: anytime I get in my car, I roll the windows down and listen to Alabama at full blast. Their greatest hits CD is in heavy rotation from June to September and Christopher hates it. I have a few favorite songs that I turn to time and again, but my all-time favorite is Dixieland Delight. The tempo change at the end gets me every time.

Did you enjoy that twangy guitar? How about the cheesy, poor quality 1980s footage? The southern sweethearts? And that awkward makeout scene at the end? Fantastic.

Let me tell you a little something about my roots... I was born in Oregon, grew up in Alabama, finished growing in Indiana, went to college in Illinois, and now reside in Michigan. Even though I've spent majority of my life in the northern Midwest, my southern roots run pretty deep, y'all. Boiled peanuts and sweet potato pie. Bright pink azalea bushes and hunting for crawfish in the creek. All you can eat catfish and fried okra.

When I listen to Alabama, I'm reminded of all my favorite southern things and family road trips in our blue Aerostar minivan, where the Alabama tape was played on repeat along with Billy Joel and Raffi. To be honest, aside from a few hits from the 90s that remind me of my grandpa (and Taylor Swift, who am I kidding), I'm not much of a country music fan, but I think I will always love Alabama. So what if I'm the only 20-something that feels this way (aside from my brothers, that is.)

Today also happens to be the longest day of the year. Are you doing anything special to celebrate? Or am I the only one who celebrates the most random things like they're holidays? Chris and I will be spending our evening in his sister's pool -- and with this week's 90 degree highs, there's not a better day for it!


Emily said...

So you're a Southern girl at heart, eh? :)

It is super hot here, too! I'm trying to figure out creative ways to cool my apartment in the meantime, while debating just getting a window unit to make the rest of summer more enjoyable. :)

Kate said...

Dude we JUST got our AC installed... we were melting around these parts as well! Are you coming to IL at all this summer? We should have another girls adventure somewhere cool!!

And I think summertime is the only time I can tolerate country music for short (very short) periods of time! Haaa. ;)

Katherine Ross said...

@ Emily - I don't know if I'd label myself that, but guess so :)

@ Kate - you are so right about country music in the summer haha! And I'm not sure when I'll be back up in Chicago... Renegade Craft fair for sure, but maybe we can plan something before then!

Carrie Rucks said...

I want to keep watching the video just to see him wink at me.

At one point I shunned country music but I grew up listening to it in the back seat of my mom's nova so at one point I just gave in. This is the only place I'll admit to having a country radio station programmed into my car stereo. :)

Happy Summer!

Katherine Ross said...

@Carrie - I literally laughed out loud at your comment! :)