Friday, April 26, 2013

Four Favorites: Nicely Neutral

Today's four favorites are distinctly lacking in color. I'm not sure how that happened, but I'm going to go with it. After a particularly busy week, these soft neutrals just feel right...

  1. When I spotted this Totes Ma Goats tote from West Elm this week, I died. I love that phrase (thanks to my favorite movie, I Love You Man) and I love those goats.
  2. Please tell me I'm not the last person to know about Sam, the cat with eyebrows. Chris thinks he's creepy but those concerned, raised brows crack me up. I just started following him on Instagram and I laugh at pretty much every photo. 
  3. These sculptural paper flowers from Etsy shop Frances & Francis are incredibly beautiful. I can't imagine all the time put into cutting and arranging something so delicate! Check out their entire flower selection here, including an everlasting flower for Mother's Day. Lovely.
  4. Summertime baby clothes are officially the cutest things ever. Case and point: Baby Gap's bow bubble onesie in the sweetest floral print. Actually, pretty much everything from Baby Gap.
The weekend weather promises highs in the upper 60s, which isn't much but I'll take it after this week's snowy, 40-degree days. Chris and I will be partying it up, with a going away celebration for friends and a birthday party for our niece (that little stinker is already two!) I hope it's nice wherever you are... Happy weekend! 


Carrie said...

Haha, you are not the last person to know about Sam, I've only recently been introduced to Bubs and Colonel Meow -- and now Sam, thank you! :)
And I will take one of everything from baby gap.

Latrina said...

I will always be a fan of neutrals. :) Just something... calming + relaxing about them.

Enjoy your celebration! I hope you have a fantastic week. :)

Brewed Together said...

Loving these neutral colored picks. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

Katherine Ross said...

Carrie - I've heard of Bubs, but Colonel Meow is new to me! HA!