Wednesday, April 24, 2013

36 Weeks

Only four more weeks until my due date. One month. Technically, I've been drafting this post for a while and today is the very last day of my 36 week stretch, so we really only have three more weeks before baby girl comes (give or take a few days, of course.) EEEP!

Looking back over the past nine months, I realize that I haven't written all that much about my pregnancy here on Gathered Heart... in fact, the last bump photo I shared was three months ago! That's completely unintentional. Between trips to the hospital for appointments and birthing classes, weeknights and Saturdays spent house hunting, and the general fatigue that comes with creating a little life, it seems that all my creative energy has been zapped. My free time is spent on the couch, watching New Girl and eating Half Baked with Christopher, and that's the way I like it.

Sometimes, especially after a quick visit to Pinterest or Facebook, I feel guilty for not doing more (you know, between the morning sickness, backaches, acne, swollen feet and all the other joys of pregnancy.) Then I realize, baby girl isn't going to care whether or not I have taken weekly bump photos, or that her nursery is still in the planning phase. Really, when she gets here, all she's going to care about is sleeping, eating, and having a dry bum.

And then, after a little while, she's going to care about the bedtime story we read together at night. The way her daddy tosses her high in the air and catches her without fail. She's going to care about big pushes on the swing set, bug hunts, tea parties, trips to the zoo. That's the stuff I can't wait to document, the things I look forward to most. Being a family.

Three more weeks, baby girl! Get here safely!


Keitha said...

WOWZA....THREE WEEKS!!! I am at 16 weeks this week and am already impatient. Girl I hear you on free time...I spend mine with the Golden Girls. I do. Love the pic!! Wish I could see you!

Abbyblujay said...

oh hey gurl what's up? me, NOTHIN just crying at the thought of your baby getting here so soon and being so happy about it that it's now raining on my face. that... is what's up.

Michelle Schneider said...

omg i'm with abby on this one! i can't tell you how much i love this post. warms my heart.

Latrina said...

Wow! Time has flown by, hasn't it? I can't believe she is almost here. :) I am so excited for you guys!

And you look STUNNING by the way!

Amber Kreider said...

You are a fantastically pretty pregnant women. You should model gap maternity clothes or something. Seriously.

Katherine Ross said...

Abby - oh, you. Bonus points for the phrase "raining on my face."

Latrina & Amber - thank you!