Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Foxy Woodland Nursery

It's taken me nearly eight months, but I've finally pulled together an inspiration board for baby girl's nursery! My nesting instinct has kicked in big time over the past two weeks and it has been kind of difficult to handle considering Chris and I are still living out of boxes. I find myself folding and refolding onesies for no apparent reason and shuffling around the house looking for things to clean. It's a pretty strange feeling.

So I've turned that energy towards scouting out items for a fox and woodland inspired nursery for our little girl. Something bright and cheerful. Here's what I'm thinking:

1. Well of course I want this fox blanket from Dwell Studio! It's a bit of a splurge at $58, but I love the bright color.  2. Ferm living fox pillow. Adorbs.  3. Part of me wants to make a mobile for above baby's crib, but if we buy one, I think this sparrow mobile is a top contender.  4. This little mushroom is a nightlight... need I say more?  5. I know from my nieces that you can never have enough storage. Might as well store everything in an adorable (and massive!) fox bin from 3 sprouts.  6. There are a lot of cutesy nursery lamps on the market, but I'm leaning towards something a little more sophisticated, like this shade and base combo from Target.  7-9. Finding good crib bedding was the most annoying part of nursery shopping... case and point: the most common fox-themed bedding I found features a ridiculous amount of googly eyes. We're going to mix and match things on our own instead: gray stripes, gold dots, and pink foxes!  10. I'm going to share a separate post on nursery artwork next week because there is just so much out there, but I had to include this sweet Rifle print in today's post. The colors are perfect!  11. There are a million adorable fox toys out there, and we will probably end up owning 20 by the time baby girl turns one. This little mustard fella from Etsy shop Sleepy King has held my heart from the beginning.  12. Crib shopping was also pretty tricky. Christopher wanted something classic, I wanted something a little more modern. We finally agreed on this one from Babies R Us, and I love the clean lines and classic curves. Ooh lala. 
Foxes are just so dang cute, am I right! They seem to be gaining popularity lately (I even heard one blog deem them the new owl of nurseries) but we just can't resist.

I can't wait to actually have a nursery to decorate. I'll be honest, it's hard not to get bummed out about our living situation. As grateful as I am that my in-laws are letting us crash at their house, I really miss having a place of our own. We're still looking at houses on a weekly basis, but it seems like we have pretty much exhausted our current resources. My fingers are crossed in hopes that the best houses are waiting for warmer weather to hit the market. Until then, this little nursery will remain a virtual one.


Callie said...

This is such a great theme!! I love all of your picks!

Keitha said...

I LOVE all of those things!!! If you see some foxy fabric that you love, lemme know. I want to make something for this little gal of yours and haven't quite had the energy yet. Let's say it's foxy in the non-literal type of way...she'll probably wear it. You know I can't cut a straight line.

Michelle Schneider said...

ssooo cute. you have such great taste!

Latrina said...

I have definitely noticed the increase in foxes lately! I don't mind it though... they are super cute. :)

I think either a Fox or Owl theme would be adorable!

Katherine Ross said...

Thanks ladies :)