Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Postal Service

Okay, okay... I know I've probably gushed enough about the Postal Service lately, but I had to share this fun little video about the duo and the making of Give Up (the 10th anniversary album of Give Up is out today!)

And when did Ben Gibbard get so cute? Probably when Zooey broke his awkward little heart.



Keitha said...

NPR and the Postal Service both bring us such good things.

Latrina said...

Aw, for some reason the sound isn't working for me. :|

The Postal Service was playing HERE last night! I am so so bummed I couldn't make it. I had to make a choice... them or Sigur Ros, and well. As much as I love TPS, seeing Sigur Ros is on my bucket list, lol.

And seriously... when did he get so cute!?

Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing this! Ben Gibbard definitely got way cuter. I think you're right about his broken awkward heart, ha!