Saturday, April 5, 2014

8/52, 9/52, 10/52, 11/52, 12/52, 13/52

Time for some baby overload... I'm catching up (yet again) on my 52 project photos.

A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.

Amelia: Your newest obsession? Pulling every single shoe I own out of the closet. If I don't remember to shut the doors in the morning after getting dressed, I will inevitably find you here with a pile of flats at your feet. You're so fast at pulling them off the rack, too; five minutes is all you need. Stinker.

Amelia: I can barely look at this photo without tearing up. You have been sick all week with a 103 temperature and a terrible cough. The doctors still don't know what exactly is wrong. Too sick to play with even your favorite toys, you drifted off to sleep a few minutes after I took this photo.

Amelia: Why hello there! You are finally back to your normal energetic self after nearly two weeks of sickness: RSV, viral pnuemonia, and a 48 hour stomach bug (that I also caught.) You have been through so much, little squish, and daddy and I are so glad that you are feeling better!

Amelia: This particular nap went past the two hour mark, which is unheard of in this house. I'm sure you have lots of resting to catch up on after being so sick for so long. I myself have lots of staring at those squishy cheeks and mile-long eyelashes to catch up on, so this arrangement totally works.

Amelia: Sometimes I wonder when I'll stop taking pictures of your naps. 2 years? 20 years? We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, I suppose.

Amelia: I think you may be going through a growth spurt. Today we had dinner a little later than normal (chicken and cheese, your two favorites) and you just couldn't keep your eyes open. It was one of the cutest things ever - we even caught it on video, which will of course be played at your high school graduation open house. 


Keitha said...

I have literally been visiting your blog several times a week looking for these. She is so presh. I just want to squeeze her.

Carrie said...

YES! Oh, she is precious. You know I didn't stop taking pictures of naps until she stopped taking naps. :) I'm happy to hear that you are all feeling much better and getting some much needed rest :)

Sharon Telschow said...

Nap photos are the best! It's the only time she stops moving long enough to focus the camera. You're baby girl is getting soooooo BIG! Yeesh. What a crazy few weeks you have had. I hope that the next few are much calmer - and healthier. Thank you for catching us up so speed on your baby girl's growing. Is that a special stuffed animal she is sleeping with? Is there a story there?

Tang said...

Cuteness overload! I haven't been here in ages. Thank goodness for Instagram though. Hope to visit your blog more often now! :)

Katherine Ross said...

Sharon - She's going through a very snuggly phase where she'll rub anything soft against her face. So cute! We've been a little hesitant to let her sleep with anything in her crib, but lately this puppy blanket (named Puppy Boo) has been her favorite. It was a Christmas gift from Uncle Brian so she wouldn't become too much of a cat person :)

Tang - Yes! I'm still not updating as frequently as I would like to, but better than nothing right?

Gaby said...

she is too cute! and her and clementine are so similar, they have all the same interests, shoe pulling included ;) i love that last photo and video and CANNOT believe that she fell asleep like that. clementine fights sleep always and will never just nod off. amazing!