Monday, March 26, 2012

Warby Parker Home Try-On

My Warby Parker home-try on kit arrived in the mail this weekend!!! I mentioned Warby Parker briefly in a previous post, but if you haven't heard of the eyeglasses company, they're basically like TOMS for your face. For every pair of glasses purchased, WP will give a pair to a child in need. On top of that, the glasses are reasonably priced, super cute, and from what I've experienced so far, their customer service is outstanding. Totally a company I can get behind.

They also have a great home try-on program: pick up to five frames and WP will ship them to you to try on (all FOR FREE, might I add!) It took me forever to select the styles I wanted to try on, but I finally decided on these five frames:

Other than the Sinclairs (which are so huge they make me feel like a super nerd. Or a super hipster. I can't decide which...but I don't like it), I pretty much liked all the frames. I love the classic shape of the Webb, but they didn't fit comfortably on my face. The Zagg and Japhy are top contenders for my favorite style, but I feel like I might be playing too safe with those... Since I don't wear glasses 24/7, I'd really like to find frames with a little more quirk.

Obviously, dear blog friends, I need your help. Do you like a particular pair above? Should I try a new batch of frames, or perhaps a few other color choices??

P.S. Abby also did the home try-on a few weeks ago (and looked awesome in pretty much all her selections. Geeze.) Like she said, this was a lot fun! If you decide to try a few pairs, too, you should let us know :)


The Art of Michelle said...

Webb gets my vote!

Kate said...

Japhy gets mine! The lighter color is super unique and totally works with your features! :))

Arissa said...

Zagg or Japhy are both awesome. I love webb but if they aren't comfortable it would be a waste.

Abbyblujay said...

i kind of super love the Webb and the Japhy. i really like the lighter color of the Japhy and the "secret yet awesome cat lady designer" of the Webb.


also now that i've seen the Zagg in matte black i think i've found my FRAMES. what is UP!

orsuren ckwermar

Quindome said...

Maybe I'm biased because I already have them, but I like the Webb. I think the tortoise is really flattering on your skin tone too:) Isn't get the box of frames so fun!?

Katherine Ross said...

Ugh. I love all these flattering comments but you guys sure aren't making my decision any easier! :)

@Abby -- I wish I could afford both, but since I need the high-index lenses for my horrible vision... I'd end up paying $250. No can do, especially since Chris is getting a pair too!

lizzie said...

Zaggs and Webbs get my vote(s)! You look great!

Sharon Telschow said...

Okay, Lexi votes for Webb.
I'm thinking the Wiloughby are my favorite. They are just big enough to be practical part-time glasses and still make you look like a hot librarian!