Monday, April 2, 2012

Resolutions Revisited

March has come and gone, and I can hardly believe it. 2012 is already a quarter over!

How is everyone's year going? Have you kept up with your new year's resolutions? I'm not one for resolutions since they are pretty much destined to fail (who honestly can stop eating comfort food in the dead of winter? Not me.) but if you've been reading here for very long, you probably know that I do love a good list of goals. Granted, I'm not always the best at finishing my lists in a timely manner, if at all, but I sure like to make them. There's something about gathering my thoughts, writing down my goals, and crossing off the to-dos that makes me feel so accomplished -- even if my task is as simple as dusting the bookshelf. Lists just work. I'm totally a list person. 

A while back, I was featured over at Diapers and Skinny Jeans as part of a great series called Goal Setting, where I shared this list of goals for 2012:

  • Finish up some of my goals from 2011
  • Try to have as many Meatless Mondays as possible
  • Gather with friends more often
  • Make the most out of summertime weather
  • Post original content on my blog more often
  • Try new hairstyles
  • Make something I'm proud of once a week 

Blog friends, can I be honest with you? I've hardly done anything about these goals, even though they've been floating around in the back of my mind all year. Meatless Mondays ended pretty quickly when I tried to get Chris to eat chickpea curry. Summer hasn't happened yet, so I guess I'm off the hook with that one for now. I have been spending time with friends and working on original content for GH, but I could definitely improve in both areas. I've worn my hair the same way for pretty much the entire year, and I'm not churning out creative projects as often as I'd like. 3 out of 7? Not so great. 

That said, I knew when I set up these goals that it would probably take me a few months to come out of winter hibernation and actually do anything about them, so I'm not disappointed with myself just yet. Like clockwork, I've been feeling the tug of springtime inspiration. Everything around me is waking up, full of life and color; I can't help but feel the same way. April has arrived, and that means it's time to tackle these to-dos head on. Anyone else working on a list of goals/resolutions for 2012?


Sharon Telschow said...

I believe in you!
Get those goals!
Cheese-y things are considered meatless. It may be as simple as pasta sans the meat (add an extra veggie).
I like to make a major goal every year for my birthday - just one. And I also have a list of seven [everyday life.] goals that are small and even just mundane (such as stretch, breathe, floss my teeth) but writing it down seems to help me remember to do it everyday.

Kate said...

Hey girl, we are SO gonna gather in April, and you still have so much time left to get these done! :)

I know how you feel though, I am ready for some consistent spring weather so I can get outdoors and go be inspired! I often get inspired after a nice walk, or a day outside.

Oh and Erick? He will never jump on my meatless train. Wah.

Katherine Ross said...

@Sharon -- you are the best. I like your every day life goals, those are good to have. I definitely don't floss as often as I should...

@Kate -- eep I'm so excited about our April Adventures!!! And thanks for the extra goal motivation :)

Tang said...

I'm trying to take my list of things from last year and get them done this year! So I'm with you on that. I'm sure that over time you will achieve these goals. :)

P.S. Forget Twilight and just move on to Hunger Games! Haha. I tried reading the first Twilight book and just didn't make it through. So I never became a fan. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Hunger Games.